Geopolitics, AMC and British International Schools

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AMC is already excited about the next COBIS Conference taking place in London 14th-18th May with the noble theme of “Leading Learning”.

While appointing leaders to international schools and providing strategic advice to UK schools contemplating international projects are our “bread and butter” there has always been more to it than that. My long career has spanned enhancing educational opportunity in Zambia, development links on behalf of the European Commission, the headship of two UK boarding schools for whom international recruitment became increasingly important, building up the schools division of Nord Anglia, and for the last fourteen years in establishing the boutique international education business of AMC.

One of the perennial themes has been optimism – the golden thread of great education and the essential quality for all good school leaders! But where does that stand after the chemical outrages of Salisbury and Syria? If we are really heading towards a new Cold War, or even a hot one, how is that going to affect that great instrument of soft power known as education??

The universality of the English language, the genius of Shakespeare, the values of the National Curriculum and Cricket, our traditions of justice and liberty – all these are the foundations our British international schools are built upon. I remain optimistic and believe these values will continue to the benefit of world civilization and humanity.

I write this on the birthday of Queen Elizabeth coming at the end of the Commonwealth Conference of Heads of State at which she handed over the reins of Commonwealth leadership to Prince Charles. I am also optimistic that he will continue his mother’s achievements of servant leadership to a greater cause. In all this our schools have one of the greatest roles to play.

Anthony Millard

Arab British Chamber of Commerce London event which Anthony Millard attended on behalf of AMC

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