Tis the season to be jolly!

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Or is it? The twilight days of 2017 are bringing more than their share of gloom and cynicism. The year of Brexit and Trumpery has been a difficult time for school leaders to maintain their inner optimism and faith in a better world. And yet I have just had the enormous pleasure of attending two of my grandchildren’s nativities. And the message was there, as clear and natural as it has always been. Whether it is Christmas, Diwali, Eid or Hanukkah what matters is the belief that through love and generosity we can raise the purpose of our lives to a higher plane. The narrative of the virgin birth in a stable in Bethlehem amidst snow and poverty is as meaningful today for the hunted Rohingya, survivors of bombing in Syria, and the victims of child abuse closer to home, as it ever was. Most good stories begin with children and it is the common purpose of loving families to seek for their offspring the best opportunities for opportunity and fulfilment. Good schools (and this year it has been my privilege to see great teaching and learning in Africa, the Arab world and Japan as well as the UK) need great leadership more than anything else. The latest technology and lavish facilities pale into significance alongside the effect of inspirational headship and the dedication of teachers to their noble profession. AMC is proud to be a very small cog in this huge wheel. This Christmas all our team join in wishing you happiness and peace.

Anthony Millard

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