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A personal rant! We have lessons to learn

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My driver through Nairobi’s rush hour paused in the way people do when unsure whether to trespass on private grief. “We Kenyans seem to be better in running election campaigns than you mzungus!”. I had to see his point but […]

AEGIS: fondest memories and respect

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I was briefly General Secretary of AEGIS from 2001 while transitioning from headship and politics to the business world of education. Guiding AEGIS was both a pleasure and a privilege. With the support of some wonderful AEGIS stalwarts such as Andrew Sutherland, […]

Mr Wilkins Micawber and the Pupil Premium

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Financial literacy is a prerequisite for the best leadership jobs AMC manages, maybe not a Harvard MBA but at least the ability to construct and abide by a budget. And yet … do we see matching economics rationality in the […]

Securing Schools

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AMC was pleased to have organized and led a special seminar on “Securing Schools” held recently at the Royal Overseas league. It was chaired by Sir Roger Tomkys KCMG and major contributions were made by John Clarke (senior solicitor with […]

Positive Discrimination? A sign of things to come

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Three cheers for Jo Heywood, Headmistress of Heathfield Ascot! It takes a forthright headmistress to state the obvious and this Jo has done recently in taking on UCAS and the university establishment in their attempt to discriminate positively against sixth […]

Curriculum 2020

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Ownership of the curriculum and appointment of the head are the two cardinal rights of governance! Abandon these and boards will be quickly adrift. And yet in their obsession with compliance and budgets I see many governors finding little time […]

Lines In The Sand?

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Where do we draw them? As this term draws towards its end and a time for recuperation and reflection approaches it might be timely to consider where we draw our personal lines in the sand; as governors, heads, consultants or […]

High Performance AMC:

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What a start to the new school year! Last week we welcomed Neil Carmichael MP to speak at Dine & Discuss. Neil is chairman of the Commons Education Committee and an old friend from my political past. I am also […]

Caveat Head-Hunters!

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This article recently appeared in the summer edition of ‘Conference and Common Room‘ “Always be nice to Head-hunters” is some stock advice I give my own children. But looking over my shoulder I feel I am increasingly skating on thin […]

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